Erosion and Sediment Control in Illinois

AAA Silt Fencing Inc, helps Illinois organizations control erosion and sediment on their property. We design and build innovative fencing solutions.

WE ARE YOUR EROSION CONTROL FIELD EXPERTS! We are experts at knowing each individual municipality’s fencing requirements. We use the highest-grade materials, and we can customize the finished product to include your logo! Our erosion experts will properly install the fence that will both retain the soil and prevent unnecessary clean up of the area, saving what’s important to you- your time and money and our natural resources. Our workmanship is guaranteed 100%.

We pledge a 100% guarantee on installation

We pledge to protect our natural resources

We pledge continuing education in the erosion and sediment control field

We pledge client, not AAA Silt Fencing, focused service

Fencing Solutions


Silt fencing is the standard required by most municipalities. We exceed IL code requirements with our installation. We take great pride in our craftsmanship.


Occasionally, wire-backed silt fencing is preferable for construction projects. AAA Silt Fencing will fasten the wire backing to the silt fencing providing extra strength and durability that may be required for your project.


Our four-foot tall safety fencing’s standard colors are orange or green, depending on the requirements dictated by your community.


If your community requests wood-lathe, rest assured, we’ve installed it! The fence is constructed with four-foot wood slats and sturdy wiring.

We also install erosion blankets, straw bales ditch checks and inlet protectors.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

If you need a fully compliant, thorough SWPPP that includes specified and tested best management practices (BMP), contact us. As erosion and sediment control experts, we’ll deliver a plan containing practical solutions and a coherent implementation strategy.

Among other recommendations, the plan could include:

  • Brush barriers
  • Temporary diversion dikes
  • Slope drains
  • Straw bale barriers
  • Construction road stabilization

Contact us for details on how we can help develop your SWPPP.


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